i hate sehun

Dilly Dally Catch-up

Please comment with:

10 cards, 2 per deck unless stated

i may add more updates to this

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i hate sehun

Danni's EC Trick or Treat Post

For keeping track of the Trick or Treat event!!

Tricks Received:
from yasu - use kyungsoo's avatar on lj, personal, and tcg twitter for 5 days
began on 10/19/14 at 7:15 pm, end on 10/24/14 at same time

from britt - xiumin is now my bias, must spazz on twitter and spazz comment in each post that he is a part of for one week
began on 10/19/14 at 7:16 pm, end on 10/26/14 at 7:16pm

from jess - every comment i make until halloween must use -stop- at the end of every phrase/sentence, in lieu of a stop or period

from ems - write handwritten cornell notes about my three favorite baekhyun airport fashions

Tricks Given:
to shel - must quote Becky at the end of every comment for one week

to britt - every 10th comment, and every post she makes, she must make a vocaroo stating what she learned from the posts she commented on/the post she made, for one week

to ems - every comment she makes for one week must include a haiku related to the comment

to alice - every comment she makes until halloween must include a reference to Infinite or Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

to paula - change her twitter dp to the ugliest picture of luhan she can find until halloween

to nicky - change her tcg trade post background to my background until halloween lmao

to alice - every comment she makes must have something infinite or avatar: the last airbender/korra related until halloween

to artemissky - speak like a pirate for one week on lj comments

to -

candy I have earned:

i hate sehun

SME Pulls

italicized means I have one pull (opposed to two).
all pulls are double pulls.
the dates are links. the fraction next to it is how much I've already pulled.

comment here or tweet me with date + cards you want.
optional: add a gif of baekhyun or woohyun.
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